Volunteer Program

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Rozan strongly believes that in order to bring about change, especially on the issues that Rozan works on, active community involvement and participation is essential. Rozan's success lies in the awareness and ownership by the community of the issues that Rozan works on. Rozan does not see itself as a helper and the community as the object being helped; rather it envisions a model of support whereby both Rozan and the community work together for a society that is "aware, confident, and accepting of itself and others." Therefore, Rozan encourages community participation in its programs and actively encourages volunteer input for its activities.


Rozan welcomes the input and involvement of volunteers. Volunteers are individuals who give their time, energy, and expertise in carrying Rozan's mission forward. Training of volunteers on self-awareness, violence, and psychological and emotional health issues is an important prerequisite for volunteering.

By becoming a Rozan volunteer you can:

  • Attend our volunteer trainings;
  • Help us arrange seminars, workshops, and orientations on the issues Rozan addresses;
  • Support Rozan programmes in their work in communities by working with our teams in raising awareness with children, women and men’s groups;
  • Support the Rozan helpline in providing telephone counseling support;
  • Help us disseminate information on issues and our programs. You can even be a Long-Distance Volunteer if you do not reside in Islamabad;
  • Donate funds for long-term sustainability;
  • Offer us your skills or services that may help us in our work (e.g. skills in art, computers, writing, facilitation etc.).

Become a volunteer

To become a volunteer, fill in the volunteer induction form online and submit.(see links below) 

For further information you can visit our office Rozan, Plot # 11, Street # 15, APWA Building, Sector G-7/2, Islamabad, Pakistan. Ph: (051) 2890505-7, Fax: (051) 2890508. or E-mail at rozanoffice@gmail.com 

Click this link to submit your Volunteer form

Click this link to submit your Long Distance Volunteer form