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Mission Statement:

Rozan Helpline is primarily a free-of-cost telephonic counseling service, however; we also provide email and in-person counseling. Our mission is to raise awareness among general population, to reduce stigma associated with Mental Health Concerns and to reach out nationwide individuals of every age range, gender or ethnic background facing any psychosocial complication in their life. 

We believe that:
Mental Health Matters; People matter! YOU matter. People can’t fight their battle alone, and you don’t have to either. So Reach out!! 

Who We Are?
Ever since Rozan’s foundation, counseling for vulnerable groups especially women, youth and children have been its key strategy. In 2009, Rozan sets up its nation-wide free telephonic counseling service.

For the first 10 years since 2001, the Helpline focused exclusively on youth related issues and provided support to over 40,000 young callers on a number issues such as psychosocial issues including family/ relationships problems, self-confidence, anxiety and depression; and reproductive health concerns and pathology. Since 2010, RHL has broadened the scope of its services and caters clientele from any age, gender, class or ethnic background. More details regarding key concerns of callers while ensuring their confidentiality, demographic profiling and our caller rate has been documented by the Helpline and reports are available at (Rozan publication link).

Counseling is offered through one to one/in-person sessions, toll-free telephonic service and community camps in the areas where Rozan has direct outreach programs. Help Line also provides support for crisis cases, e.g., survivors of sexual violence, including referral for medical support, police, legal and shelter.
Essence of Our Counseling Services:
Rozan Helpline is one of the countrywide exclusive and proficient counseling services that is governing for the betterment of community with well-trained, ethical minded and experienced team of professionals. Maintenance of Confidentiality and Beneficence of our clientele with regular refresher trainings and rigorous Supervisions (Fortnightly and Monthly) for our counselors is the essence of RHL counseling services. The ethical mindedness and professional attitude of RHL team ensures your best interest and encourages You To Talk.

Major Issues on which we Counsel:
Rozan Helpline provides counseling, right information, and emotional support to children, youth, men and women from diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious background in a non-judgmental manner and a supportive environment. 
We mostly receive calls nationwide related to following concerns Such as;

Academic and career concerns
Child sexual abuse
Family and relationship problems
Domestic Violence
Anger management
Bullying and peer pressure
Sexual and reproductive health concerns
Sexual Harassment

Sleep disturbances

                                           Low self-esteem and so on.

Capacity Building:
Rozan Helpline is also playing its vital role in building capacities of other help lines and counselors through continual trainings, workshops, and seminars being held in various regions countrywide. Rozan helpline is also acting as a resource of raising awareness among general population and reducing stigmas associated with psychological, emotional and reproductive health concerns. 
For More Info:
Visit: counseling-services

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