Rozan’s Community Program

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Rozan’s mission is to have work with all people especially women, men, and children to collectively work for a society that is self-aware, violence free, and accepting of itself and others. As a part of Rozan four-year strategy 2012-2015 Rozan is expanding it’s interventions in the Rawat community in an integrated model of social change, where all Rozan’s programmes (Zeest, Humqadam, Rabta and Aangan) are engaged. During the first two years, Rozan majorly focused on women, children, youth and men, as well as key local institutions like police, media, health and school systems.  Issues explored with the groups would range from vulnerability and recognition of different types of violence, impact of this violence on victims and society, strategizing collective action to prevent and respond to violence as communities.

Sine 2014 Rozan’s major outputs will be to promote gender equity addressing gender based violence and discrimination by building capacity and active engagement of boys and young men in challenging stereotypical gender norms, dominant forms of masculinities fostering violence and adopt equitable attitudes and behaviors. Rozan is putting its efforts by working on their attitude, knowledge, and perception about violence